Building Experience for your Entry-Level Resume

There are multiple ways an entry-level job searcher can build practical experience. Here are a few:

  1. Make your school projects (or practicals) relevant. Your personal/team projects can be added to your CV/resume. It will create something exciting to discuss with your interviewer. Highlight the fact you worked in a team and state your role. Also have clear explanations of times where things were not going as planned with the project and what you did to resolve it. These are classical discussions that come up in the interview. Expect such scenarios to also play out in the work place.
  2. Your final project. This is one way to show you have the ability to conceptualize a problem and solve it ruthlessly. So you want to highlight this in your CV/resume. Definitely be able to discuss it in concise detail during the interview.
  3. Your part-time experience. If you worked at a computer store or as a part-time web developer or book-keeper, it goes without saying that should be highlighted.

My journey into the high-technology industry was as a resulting of discussing a project I did during an internship interview. The interviewer was impressed by my GPA and nicely written CV but was more impressed by a project I had done. I explained to him how my teammate and I had characterized fifty parameters in the semiconductor MOSFET using lab equipment and the report we generated. He ended up describing to me some challenges they had in the industry and I gave suggestions how I will solve a problem like that.

Needless to say, two weeks after that interview I was offered an internship with one of the biggest semiconductor companies in the world.

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