Getting job interviews through Networking

In my last post, I promised to describe a frustrating job search experience and how I turned it around. Well, here it goes!

So in early 2014, I decided I needed a career change. I updated my CV and LinkedIn and enthusiastically started applying online to the various companies in the industry I was targeting. With a particular company of interest – lets call it Company H.

After about 20 applications and no feedback inviting me for an interview, I got frustrated. We all feel that way when we dont hear back from companies/jobs we feel we are well-suited for. So I decided to change tactics. I went on LinkedIn and connected with all the HR personnel and also with people already working for Company H doing the same type of job that I was seeking.

I reached out to one particular individual – I politely introduced myself and asked him for guidance on how to get into the company as I had submitted many applications but was not getting any calls from the HR/hiring managers. Within a day he responded back and gave me some guidance on a better way to go about my job search with that company.

Within 24 hours of doing what he said, I had two HR call me to set up interviews. By the end of the week I had four interviews for four different positions set up. I eventually got two job offers from Company H and I accepted one.


Good luck,
The Doc.


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