A business administrator has many responsibilities related to the handling of the organizational, operational and managerial tasks of a company


•Must have excellent networking skills.

•Must have good organizational skills.

•Must have good negotiation and decision making skills.

•Must be detail and goal oriented.

•Must have superior written and verbal skills.

•Knowledgeable of accepted business practices, entrepreneurial principles and sales cycles.

•Must have exceptional leadership skills.

•Must have effective communication skills.

•Must have excellent computer skills.

•Must have superior interpersonal skills and customer service skills.

•Must have knowledge of basic laws that apply to businesses.


•Presides over the daily operations of a company.

•Implements business procedures.

•Interviews and hires staff.

•Assesses employees’ job performances.

•Interacts with clients and customers.

•Negotiates contracts and deals.

•Mediates staff disputes and other issues.

•Delegates authority to supervisors.

•Serves as a liaison between management and staff.

•Makes sure training programs for new employees are up-to-date.

•Ensures the quality of the company’s products and services.

•Implements processes to improve products and services.

•Prepares financial data for governing boards.

•Reads and interprets accounting reports.

•Networks with prospective clients, industry peers and competitors.

•Promotes and markets the company.

•Writes memos.

•Makes oral presentations with visual aids.

•Manages budgets, minimizes expenditures and maximizes revenues.

•Ensures that the company operates with maximum efficiency.

•Makes short-term and long-term goals for the company.

•Directs the strategic plan for the company so that financial goals can be achieved.

•Implements strategic plans and makes changes to the plan as necessary.

•Advises Board of Directors of impending state or federal legislation and its potential impact on the company.

•Coordinates property procurement and space allocation.

•Manages fundraising projects.

•Provides leadership to employees for the purpose of attaining a common goal.

•Collaborates with other departments for the common purpose of maximizing revenues.

•Attends events and industry functions as a representative of the company.

•Volunteers at community service events.


•Bachelor’s degree in Business, Accounting, Management, Finance, Economics, Marketing or a related field.

•Master’s degree in Business Administration.

•Internship in Business Administration.

•Certification in Business Administration.

•Experience working in an accounting or finance department.

•Experience working in a supervisory role.


Interested candidates should forward their RESUME to the HR through hr.crystalightng @ gmail.com

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for interview through this CODE ADT HR-HEAD