An ICU nurse is a registered nurse (RN) working in the intensive care unit or critical care unit of a hospital and is part of the medical team who attend to patients with critical conditions. Registered nurses working in the ICU ward assist physicians, attend to patients, and provide support to the patient’s family. They also monitor life support equipment, administer IVs, give medication, and observe the patient’s vital signs and reactions to medical procedures.

Duties and Responsibilities

An ICU nurse is responsible for closely observing patients, noting specific procedures and prescribed medication for each case
Assists doctors in providing physical assessments and administering treatments
Monitoring vital signs and ensuring the proper functions of feeding tubes, ventilators, catheters and other life support equipment
Attending to the patient’s overall needs, such as feeding, bathing and grooming, dressing replacement, medication intake, and comfort.
Work efficiently with other practical nurses and nursing assistants in the ICU ward and be able to provide clear directions and guidance for procedures and routines.
Should also be able to provide support and education to the patient’s family, answering questions and giving vital instructions on how to care for the patient.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements

A successful candidate must be able to handle critical and highly stressful situations with efficiency and composure.
Must be able to react decisively and intelligently in emergencies.
Perform and assist in medical procedures with accuracy,
Expertly operate life support machines and other medical equipment.
Must be able to carefully look after patients with severe medical conditions.

Education and Training Requirements

Must be a registered nurse.
Must be a graduate of nursing with at least an internship experience.
Certification as a critical care nurse is required


Qualified and interested candidates should forward their CV and cover letter to

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